Thursday, December 23, 2010


As of the start to Christams break!!! YAY!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!! What to do? I'm not going anywhere......well I'll just watch anime, read manga, listen to music and sleep in. What fun I'll have! Haha! I just love Christmas! I love going to parties.....getting presents (like I get any which I don't really mind) and a break from school. You know what I really like about Christmas? Gullible Kids. (If your one of them........Sorry) Mabye I shouldn't go on about this but yeah. I don't believe in Santa......whoops I said it. If your a Santa believer and a teenager......I hope you find out the truth soon.
Sorry.........But I still like getting presents..hhmmmm........

Akward silence.........


:D Here since I haven't given you guys a manga recommendation...I'll give you one. For today, this manga/anime is called Skip Beat! I think this manga is one of the most funniest I've ever read/watched! It is absolutely amazing!!!! From the creator of Tokyo Crazy Paradise! (I did a review on it so read it here!)

Title: Skip Beat!, スキップ・ビート!, Sukippu Bīto!
Author: Yoshiki Nakamura
Genres: Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing (Anime is completed!)

Summary: Kyoko Mogami wants to get revenge on a star named Sho Fuwa. She changes her appearance by cutting and dying her hair. The only way of revenge is to enter show buisness.

I love the anime and the manga! The only thing that bothers me is......the dudes long necks!!!!! Now don't let that stop you from reading or watching this!! The story line very amazing! Everything in the story is sooooooooooo great! I'd say that this is the best story line that has to do with acting and show business! I can't wait for new chapters!